About us


Sudofy.Me raises the bar of excellence with our one of a kind approach in providing creative solutions to our customers. We are fueled by our relentless pursuit and passion in meeting the demands of the mission by challenging ourselves to always ask “why not” as we strive to constantly increase speed to capability across the full range of military operations.  Regardless of how big or small a requirement is, our approach is to always go well above and beyond what is expected of us with our upfront approach and due diligence redefine expectations by embracing the art of the possible verses the status quo.  Sound vague, too good to be true, or like a sales pitch?  We get that since it’s not black or white.  Our HR policies, family-oriented culture, processes, standards of excellence, and hard work ethic are the foundation to our unique recipe for success. We prioritize the importance of the mission, employees well-being, both professionally and personally, and philanthropic efforts in giving back to our community.

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Why Partner With Us

Whether you are a company, vendor, or even the Federal government we are ready to raise the bar for your unique set of products, services, or requirements. If you are seeking a value-added trusted agent to relentlessly pursue meeting the current and future demands of the DoD, Federal Customers, or any entity that wants help putting their dream into reality, give us a shout to personally experience how our passion, drive, and experience can contribute into what is in the art of the possible.  With a healthy mix of experienced ex-civil servants/military members, cyber security industry experts, and proficient Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), our team alone has the requisite skillset, operational experience, and deep understanding of the Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System (JCIDS), Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution (PPBE), and Acquisition Processes, to take an idea or concept all the way to an operational capability set by leveraging a full range of programmatic, financial, and technical expertise across all of the respective echelons.